10 Tips To Help You Achieve Confidence with Women

It is difficult for a single man, particularly one that has been single for a long time, to have any confidence with women. Many woman find confidence an attractive attribute in men, but it is hard to develop. You cannot just buy it, decide to have it or even fake it. The only way is to be confident and these great tips will help you be just that.

Remember how good you are

If you have low confidence with women, then perhaps you do not see your attributes that women find attractive. You might be too hard on yourself and overlooking all of your great qualities. One good way to rediscover these qualities is to write down a list of what women would find attractive about you. If you have a close female friend or relative, you could ask them to help you if you are struggling.

Beauty is Skin Deep

Many men lose their cool around beautiful women. As a culture, we put too much emphasis on looks and that makes it intimidating. You can avoid this if you remember that nobody is perfect, and while she might look gorgeous, it is likely that she will have some unattractive personality traits.

Enjoy Yourself

When you talk to a woman, stop worrying about the conversation or her interest in you. Women will notice this insecurity and it will put them off you. Next time you talk to a woman, try to relax and have some fun. Both of you will enjoy the conversation more, and she will like your laid-back nature.

Date, Date, Date

If you wait a long time between dates, then you will be a lot more nervous than if it is a regular occurrence. One way around this is to make going out on a date part of your routine. It does not matter if it is a serious date with a beautiful girl you really like, or a casual date with a friend. You will gain confidence from the fact that women are willing to go on dates with you and you will get to practice your dating skills.

Work on it

You cannot run a marathon without a lot of training, and neither can you improve your confidence with women if you do not work at it. When you get a chance to talk to a woman, then take it. As you spend more time talking to women, it will boost your ego and you will get better at it.

Practice and Repeat

When you find something in your repertoire that women like, then it makes sense to repeat it. It will not work every time, and you will find that some things work better than others do. Use every conversation as an opportunity to practice and refine your skills and soon you will have a number of different techniques that you can try on any woman.

Face your Fear

If you show fear then women will notice that and already start to move on to the next man. The best way to conquer fear is to face your fears head on and beat them. No matter what frightens you, if you can beat it then your self-esteem will get a boost.


If you do not respect yourself, it is hard to be confident. If you treat people with respect and try to do something good every day then you will soon develop a reputation as a decent human being. If you can look yourself in the mirror and now that you are a good person then it certainly will improve your self-respect.

Make Plans

One of the key aspects of leaders is their confidence, so if you can be a leader it will boost your confidence with women. When you go on a date, make the decisions and tell her what the plans are. If you can show her that you are in control then she will think that you look like a leader.


The last great way to boost your confidence is to improve yourself. This might be a case of losing weight, getting a new haircut or simply buying some new clothes. If you can feel good about yourself then women will notice this and find you attractive.
It is not easy to boost your confidence with women, but these great tips will certainly help you. If you take the time to booth your self-confidence then soon you will be more popular with women.

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