3 Flawless Techniques On How to Make a Girl Laugh

One of the great dating and flirting tactics is to make a girl laugh. A recent survey found that that the best way to get many women into bed is to make them laugh. The hard part is learning how to make a girl laugh.
If you are able to make your date laugh then you show her your great sense of humor and you will both have a great time. Humor is also a great way to break the ice and level the ground between you on your first date. It will also help with first date nerves and any worries you might have about your appearance.
Often though, it can be difficult to let your sense of humor out on a date and you might feel anxious about your ability to make her laugh. All your need is a little confidence in your abilities and this guide will hopefully show you how to make a girl laugh.

Learn to be Funny

This might be obvious, but it is important to be funny if you want to try to impress someone with your jokes. Before you even start to worry whether you know how to make a girl laugh, you can practice your jokes and witty one-liners on your friends and family. You could even try to make amusing anecdotes about everyday situations that involve you.
Do not overestimate the value of physical comedy either. Practice pulling funny faces and gestures in the mirror and use them for maximum effect. Try to avoid stepping over into slapstick though. Trying too hard to be funny could put your date off.
It is acceptable to be self-effacing and tell jokes and anecdotes about you and your life, but try to avoid making your date the butt of all the jokes. You do not know if you will say or do anything that could accidentally offend her. It is also a good idea to avoid insulting other people and strangers. You might think it is funny, but she might think it is offensive and arrogant.

Focus on your Date

Remember that you are on a date with a great girl. Make sure you respect her individuality and unique qualities and realize that her sense of humor might be different to your family, friends and previous girlfriends. Just because a joke worked on the last 100 different dates does not mean that it will work on the next one.
If you adjust your jokes to fit her sense of humor, then you can both have a great time on your date. If you struggle all night to make her laugh then it might be that you are just too different to each other and you will struggle to make her laugh on future dates too. It could also be first date nerves and she might think that you are hilarious when she settles down.
Do not forget to listen to her and find out what her interests are. As you find out what she cares about and believes in then you will learn what will make her laugh. If she makes any jokes, then laugh along with her. She will like that you laugh at her jokes and it shows her that you really like her. As you listen to her jokes, you will discover her humor style and follow her lead.

The Balance

If you can possibly avoid it, try not to leave the laughter hanging. You might have told a brilliant joke and both of your collapse with laughter, but you need to keep the conversation flowing. If you end up sitting there in silence, it will soon become awkward. Keep a stock of questions ready to ask her about her life and so that you find out more about her. As the conversation progresses you will be able to use your great sense of humor to tell jokes and make her laugh. In addition, you can find out more about the great girl you took on the date and she likes that you show interest in her life.
Girls like a man who can make them laugh. If you know how to make a girl laugh then you will be more successful with the women and your dates will be much more fun for both of you. If your date spent the night laughing and enjoyed the experience then you are more likely to have more dates with her.

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  • 3 Flawless Techniques On How to Make a Girl Laugh

    One of the great dating and flirting tactics is to make a girl laugh. A recent survey found that that the best way to get many women into bed is to make them laugh. The hard part is learning how to make a girl laugh.