3 Important Tips on How To Talk To Girls

It can be difficult to talk to girls, particularly if you are attracted to them. Many men find themselves tongue-tied and embarrassed when they try to hold a conversation with an attractive woman. If you knew how to talk to girls then it could make these conversations much more enjoyable.
This is a big area that many men can certainly appreciate advice on, particularly when it comes to dating. It can be difficult to know what to talk about on a date and before you know it, your latest hot date can descend into awkward silence. If it continues, you will reach the point where you look at each other and both of you think "This is not good!” Fairly soon your date will think that you just do not connect and the date will go rapidly downhill.

The Ideal Conversation Subject

When they are working out how to decide what to talk about, many men think that they need to find the ideal conversation subject. This is an imaginary topic where both of you can talk about it for hours and before the know it, your date is in love with you. Unfortunately, there is no such thing and the time you devote to finding that ideal topic could be spent perfecting other conversation skills. If you want to know how to talk to girls, first learn how to hold a conversation with anyone.
These conversations can be about anything, but you will always be able to talk more about a topic that is relevant to your life. This is a great way to start a conversation as you can show your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject. This can make you appear more confident and many women are attracted to confident men.
You can talk about anything you want. The subject is not as important as how you talk about it. She might not care about what you are talking about, but if you can tell it to her in an entertaining manner then she will enjoy talking to you. You might want to plan these conversations in advance, but it is better if the conversation is natural. If the girl does not lead an interesting life, then your stories can be as entertaining as your favorite TV shows.

Changing Topics

Once you have started the conversation flowing, you might worry about the best time to change topic. Do not worry about this, you will know naturally when it is time to change subjects. Until that time comes, keep talking in an enthusiastic and entertaining manner.
If it is someone that you do not know well, or have just started dating, then it is a good idea to keep the topics casual. If the conversation gets too intense then it might put her off. A light and chatty conversation is more fun for both of you. Also, there are some subjects that you might be better avoiding until you know a girl better. Try to avoid discussing politics, religion and sex until you know the other person better and are sure that it will not offend.
Do not forget though, that half of the battle is to listen to what she has to say. If you spend all your time talking then you will not find out anything about the girl. Let her interrupt your flow and even lead the conversation at times. This will allow you to draw her out and discover more about her personality and how she thinks.


Everybody likes to laugh, and women are no exception. If you can make her laugh while you are talking to her then she will like it. Practice your witty comments and funny anecdotes when you talk with your friends and family so that they feel natural when you talk to a girl. Try not to make the humor too crude, unless she starts talking in that way first – you do not want to offend her.
Many men are unsure of how to talk to girls. It can be daunting to talk to a girl that you really like, but if you practice your conversation skills and hone your sense of humor you will soon have your hot date hanging on your every word.

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