4 Techniques On How to Turn a Girl On

Many men wonder what they need to do to get their girlfriend in the mood. Men are simple creatures that respond easily to visual stimuli. The smallest glance of a leg can get a man interested, but women are more complex. This can leave a man wondering how to turn a girl on.
When it comes to sex, women are more complicated than men, and respond to different stimuli. The simple sight of a half-naked man is not enough for most women who require more effort to arouse. Many women like mental stimulation, so you might want to whisper in her ears what you want to do to her or send her naughty texts to build up the suspense.


The simple answer is foreplay, and plenty of it. This is the slow build-up to sex that women really enjoy. The best way to approach foreplay is to take it slow and explore all of the woman’s body. If you are unsure what she likes, then the best way to find out is to ask her what she likes. Most women will be willing to tell you, or even show you, how to turn a girl on.
As a man, you should aim to be the best lover you can be. If you aim to make it really special for her, then most women will make the effort to make it better for you too. Not only that, but if she knows that she can expect a good time when you get to the bedroom, she will be more willing to get you there.

What Women Like

All women are different, and what works with one woman will not work with the next. Depending on her mood, some things might work perfectly fine one day but not the next, so be sure to vary your approach if it is not having the desired effect. Remember that the best way to work on a woman is to start early, tell her what you want and spend plenty of time to build up the suspense.

Be Chivalrous

When you are out with your girl, act like a gentleman. Open doors for her and close them behind her. You could also hold her coat to help her put it on. When you do that, gently brush the back of her neck as you sweep her hair out from under the coat.

Massage Therapy

If she is tired, offer to give her a foot rub or back massage. If you massage her back, work on the muscles between her shoulder blades and spine. You can slowly move down her back to where the nerves are more sensitive.
Another great part of the body to work on is the back of the knees. You can include this area as part of a foot rub while you slowly work up the calves and onto the thighs.


The lower arms and fingers can also be erogenous zones on women. The underside of the wrist is very sensitive to touch and heat, and responds well to a light touch. When you hold hands, try running your finger lightly down her fingers to her palm starting at the finger tips.


For many women, her breasts are one of the most sensitive areas. Do not just concentrate on the nipples, but pay attention to the top and underside of her breasts using a soft, gentle touch. Many women like you to gently kissand lick these areas too. Wait as long as you can before moving onto her nipples to build the tension.

The Head

For many women, the brain is the largest sexual organ and one that you have to pay attention to. Talk to her and tell her what you enjoy about being with her. You can compliment her on what she is doing or tell her what you are going to do to her.
The neck can also be very sensitive, particularly between her throat and chin and the sides of the neck. You can caress with your fingers or your lips rights up to her earlobes. Some women like it if you kiss or nibble their ears.
Some women like a gentle massage on the forehead, just above the eyebrows. This can really help to relax her, as will gentle kisses on the forehead. Her lips are not just for kissing either – you can tease them by gently kissing and tugging on her top lip.
Follow these great tips and she will be surprised how much you know how to turn a girl on. Before you know it, you will turn her on and have her wanting more of the same from you while trying hard to give you a good time too.

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