4 Tips On How To Get a Girl’s Number

When you have been single for a while and meet a great girl, you might want to ask her out for a date. Alternatively, you might meet a girl when you are out that you find attractive and want to arrange a date with. However, before you can ask her out, you need to know how to get a girls number.

Be Confident

When you first approach a strange girl to ask for her number, you have to forget about any rejections that you have had in the past. If you can show her that you are self- confident then you are more likely to get what you want from her. Walk up to her, smile casually and speak clearly. If she makes eye contact with you, then return her gaze and do not look away or stare at her.

Be Casual

Once you are close to her, start the conversation with something casual. Do not try to be funny or stupid, but just start an ordinary conversation. The idea is to get her to disclose what her interests are so that you can offer to join her. If her reply does not interest you then you might suggest something that you like so you can judge her reaction. With a bit of good luck, you can find something that you both like to do and she would like your company.

Be Flexible

When she agrees to join you, ask her to swap phone numbers with you so that you can arrange the date. Ask for her number, or offer her yours if she does not want to give you hers. You might also want to arrange a time when it is convenient to call or meet again. This will be easier for both of you if you arrange it when you are both together.

Be Realistic

Sometimes this approach will not work. If this happens, just say your goodbyes politely and move on. You might meet her again and circumstances might be different. Next time she might accept, but by then you might have a great girlfriend and not be available. All that you can do is make dates with girls that are single when you are.
If you follow this strategy then you have nothing to fear or lose when you are considering how to get a girls number. The worst thing that can happen is that she tells you that she is not interested, so you move on and find someone else to hang out with. When it does work, you will be in a great position to arrange a date with a wonderful new girl.

Things to Avoid

No matter how attractive you think someone is, there are some women that you are better avoiding. A wedding or engagement ring is a sure sign that a woman is unavailable, and if they are with a man then asking for her number might get you a punch on the nose.
Try to avoid hitting on her, unless she is someone that you come across on a regular basis, like a forecourt attendant or the barista in your local coffee shop. For one of these women, you could try changing your greeting to compliment her instead of just saying hello. You could start the conversation when you see her "Hello gorgeous” instead of just "Hello” and see how she reacts. You can also build up to asking for her number by building up the conversation you have with her each day.
Sometimes the woman will not be interested in talking to you, even if you normally get on well. She might be short with you, distracted or even just rude to you. This could be a sign that something is troubling her and it is best to leave her alone. Next time she might be more amenable to a conversation with you.
Now that you know how to get a girls number, all you need to do is practice your skills and soon you will have a black book full of numbers. Just remember to show that you are confident, be yourself and do not come across as too desperate and you can be successful.

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