Calling Girls to Arrange a Date

It can be frightening for a man to call a girl for the first time, and this feeling does not change whether you are 14 or 84. Instead of spending time worrying about the call, just try to relax and read these great tips on calling girls.

Get the Number

Before you can contact any girl and ask her out, you will need to get her phone number. The best way to get this is to ask her for it. If she gives you her number then it shows that she might be interested in going on a date with you. Once you have it, send her a text message so that she knows it your number. This might even be the start of a text conversation and an opportunity to flirt with her by text. If you text her it will confirm that you have the right number and she has not just given you the wrong number.

Find the Best Time to Call

Ideally, when you get her number you should ask her when the best time to call is. Often though, you will forget to ask and have to ring her when you think the time is right. If you ring too soon, you will come across as too eager and if you wait too long you will appear uninterested. Neither of these is ideal if you want to date the girl.
The best time for calling girls is 2-3 days after you get her number. This will give you the time to find something suitable to do on your date. If you have something specific in mind, you can ring her, mention what you want to do and ask if she is wants to join you.

To Text or Not to Text

Some men will now send a girl a text message to ask them on a date, but only ten years ago it would have been unacceptable. It might be easier to send a text message than to call her, but many girls prefer it if the guy rings her. It might be best to use text messages to ask out a girl that you quite like.
This approach also works well if you come home from a nightclub with numbers for more than one girl that you like. You can send a text message to all of them and wait to see if you get any responses.

What to Say

When you are calling girls to arrange a date the call will not give her a first impression of you. She will have got that when you got her number. However, if you make a mess of the phone call it can change her impression of you for the worst.
To make the call go as well as possible, think about your previous conversations and what you want to get out of the call. Ideally you want her to come with you on a date or some other activity where you can get to know each other better. So, before you ring you need to find some activity that she will enjoy and want to do with her. This is where your previous conversations come in – she might have mentioned something that she likes to do and if you can remember what it is it will make your job a lot easier.

How to Say it

When you call her, make sure that you are speaking to her. It is not like the old days where a household shared a single phone and you would often end up speaking to her parents, roommate or siblings before you could speak to the girl. Most people now have mobiles, but it is still possible that you have dialled the number wrong.
When the phone answers, ask for her my name and tell her who you are. You might have to remind her where you know her from. Once you have established your identities, you can make some small talk before getting to the reason for the call. Just come out with it and tell her that you want her to join you to do your chosen activity.

Arrange the Date

If she accepts your invitation, you will need to make the arrangements. Try not to forget any of the following:
  • When you are going out
  • Where you are meeting
  • Anything she needs for the date
You might need to keep a pen and some paper handy if you need to note things down, like her address if you are picking her up.
Calling girls can be scary, but it is often the only way to arrange a date with a girl. Take your time, and plan your conversation in advance for the best results. Even with the best planning, your approach might not always work but if you do not try then you will never succeed.

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