Dating after Divorce : 4 Insider Tips

When your marriages breaks up and your divorce finally comes through it can feel great to get your freedom back. However, it can be hard, especially after a long marriage to move on and start dating again. When you start dating after divorce, you might find that you are not ready for a relationship, but you might find you actually enjoy dating again. These tips can help you to start dating again.

Find out who you are

During any long-term relationship, you will lose some of your individual identity. When you are single again, you can take your time to re-establish who you are. Every day will make things easier, but you can only resolve some issues through experience. If you have not been on a date for a long time then it will take one or two before you get over any feelings of guilt and start to feel better about dating.
One of the most important things to do is to let go of the past. Until you can work through your feelings about the break-up and divorce, you will find it difficult to move on with your life. Learn to like your own company and put yourself first. You might want to consider losing weight or getting fit, both of which will make you look and feel better and improve your self-confidence.
You might want to look up your old friends or pursue any old hobbies or interests that you might not have done for a while. You can even expand your social circle with new friends and pursue new interests and goals. If there is anything that you always wanted to do but did not have the opportunity when you were married then now is the time.

Social Networks

Over the last five years, social networks have become very popular on the internet. Facebook now has over 600million users and more join every day. If you are not on a social network, then after your divorce is a great time to investigate the phenomenon. You will find many of your friends already have profiles so you will be able to catch up with old acquaintances and keep your friends up-to-date with your latest news. Just remember to check your privacy settings to keep out anyone you do not want.
Many of the social network sites have games that you can play with your friends and they even have dating applications that you can use. Simply add them to your profile and browse through the available singles to see if any catch your eye. Applications like "Are You Interested?” and "Zoosk” link into internet dating sites and give you access to many single people in your local area.
Facebook might be the biggest of these sites, but other popular social network sites include:
  • MySpace – music based social network site
  • Bebo – popular with the younger generation
  • Twitter – micro-blogging site
  • Meetup – meets like-minded people at organized events
  • Flickr – for your photographs
Many niche sites exist that cater to specific interests. Why not check them out and see if you like them.

Dating Sites

Dating has changed a lot over the last few years and most of this is due to the rise in online dating. It is now the most popular way to find a new partner. Many different sites exist, with some catering to the general population and others targeting niche interests.
Some of the most popular online dating sites include:
  • Yahoo! Personals
  • Match
  • eHarmony
  • FriendFinder
  • MatchMaker
  • SinglesNet
Some of these sites charge to join and some are free to join. You can either sign up for a few to see which ones you like the best or speak to your friends and find out which sites they recommend.

On a Date

Now that your life is in order and you have met a few potential partners online, you can arrange to meet them for a date. Make sure you follow the normal rules for safe dating including:
Tell a friend where you are going and who you are meeting

Meet in a public place

When you are on the date, try to avoid talking about your divorce or children if possible. It might be important to you, but you do not want to frighten them off before your date gets to know you. Try to relax and enjoy the date and see where it leads you. Even if you do not want to see them again, you can still have an enjoyable night.
Before you know it, you will be in a relationship. Statistically, the first relationship after divorce does not often last long, but it can be a very important part of the healing process.

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