Dating Married Women : Our Underground Guide

In a time when nearly half of all marriages end in the divorce court, it is becoming increasingly popular for single men to date married women. Some married women will go for dates without telling their date that they are married, but many will go on dates looking for the thrill of an affair. This could give you all the fun of a relationship with none of the commitment or responsibility.

Affairs of the Heart

One of the leading causes of divorce is infidelity, but a large number of marriages manage to survive one or both of the partners having an affair, and rarely more than one affair. An affair can be a great way for a woman who wants to escape from a marriage that no longer interests her. A single man who is looking to have fun with a married woman must be careful that he does not end up in love with a woman that loves another man. If the affair is discovered, he could find himself named in the divorce petition or end up with the guilt that comes from breaking apart a marriage.
More married women look for something extra to spice up the routine of their daily lives. The daily schedule leaves them bored, neglected, and looking for thrills or even revenge on a cheating spouse. A single man might see a married woman as a forbidden thrill and stealing her away from her husband if only for a few hours can feel like a great prize.

What Married Women Want

Women who are in an unhappy marriage love the confidence boost they get when they find a man that makes them feel loved and physically attractive. Many unfaithful women crave both the emotional and physical attention that they get from their new man. For some women, if a man pays attention to them it is enough to start the thoughts of cheating. This can make it easy for a single man to get together with an unhappily married woman. All they need to do is give them the right compliments at the right time and that will clear the path to their heart.
The majority of unfaithful women will often only cheat on their marriage just once. These women are emotionally involved with their husbands and their new man, which can be emotionally confusing and upsetting for them. The guilt they feel usually stops them from repeating the experience.
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus when it comes to relationships, and any man that is chasing a married woman will need to know all about these differences. Men are more likely to look just for fun and sex first and love later, but women want the love and emotional attachment before the sex. The man might want to have his fun and send the married woman home without worrying about commitment. This can lead to a situation where the married woman might leave her husband for her new love or stay with her husband. If the single man that is dating married women is not careful then he could find himself in deeper than intended.

Internet Dating

Internet dating has made it a lot easier for married women (and men) to look for some fun behind the back of their spouse. It is becoming increasing common for singles to search for an unhappily married partner to have a fun time with. The potential risk of being caught can make dating married women more exciting that single women.
Some internet websites cater specifically for married women who want to hook up with single men. These sites include:

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