Eye Contact Flirting and Other Ways to Flirt

Flirting is one of the most important fundamental behaviors. Whether we like to admit it, or not, we all use flirting as a way to impress people that we find attractive. Not only do we all need to learn how to flirt, but we also need to learn how to realize when someone is flirting with you.
People flirt for many reasons, but most people use it to attract a mate. Flirting is not just about what you say, or how you say it. In fact, most flirting is through body language and much of it is subconscious.

The Eyes Have It

One of the most intriguing elements of flirting is eye contact flirting, which is all in the eyes. Eye contact is an important part of flirting, with couples that are in love spending much of the time looking into each other’s eyes. Research has found a couple that are in love will take longer to look away from each other than people that are not in love.
If you are attracted to someone that you are talking to, then you can use eye contact flirting to convince them that you like them. Spend lots of time looking into their eyes, and try not to look away until you have to.

The Mouth is not just for Talking

You do not just talk with your mouth. It is also possible to use it for subtle, and not so subtle, flirting. One of the most obvious signs that someone likes you is that they smile at you. Make sure you return the favor and smile back at them. Even if nothing else happens, smiling at someone can make them feel really good.
Women can be very seductive with their mouths, and most of them really know it. They flirt with their lips in many ways, including:
  • Applying lip gloss
  • Running a finger across her lip
  • Using the straw instead of drinking from a glass
These are very flirtatious actions and will quickly get the point across to the other person.

Playing with Hair

Women will often play with their hair when they are flirting with someone. They can twirl it through their fingers, or let it fall down in front of one eye to add a bit of mysterious allure. Sometimes they will run their fingers through your hair too. Both of these can have a great effect on the object of their desire.

Walking and Talking to You

Many people appreciate a second look when they see something they like. It does not matter if it is beautiful scenery, a work of art or an attractive person. If you see the same person walk past several times and smiling at you, it is a good indication that they find you attractive but are not ready to make the first move. When this happens, take the opportunity and try to talk to them on the next pass.
If they isolate themselves away from their friends then it means that she wants to flirt with you. It is a lot easier for you to make an approach if they do not have a defensive wall of friends surrounding them. On their own, they are less defensive and more open to getting to know you better.

Copy Cats

Another great sign that two people are attracted to each other is that they subconsciously pick up on certain traits from the other person. This leads to them copying movements and mannerisms from the other. This could be the way that you are sitting, standing or holding your drink.
When you are stood together talking, it is common for someone that is flirting to move closer to you and step into your personal space. They might also start to make contact with you with suggestive little touches to your shoulder, forearm, hand or wrist. If you like the other person, then follow their lead and reciprocate with the touches to show them that you are interested.
As you can see, there are many aspects to flirting and it can take years to learn the signs. Once you have them mastered, you can use them to your advantage and improve your flirting techniques. This will make you more successful when you are looking for love.

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