Falling in Love with your Best Friend : What To Do

When you are in a relationship with someone, often they will become your lover and your best friend. You are able to talk to your partner about anything and can trust them entirely. Not only that, but you will love to spend time in their company and look forward to the times when you can be together.
When you are single, you will not have a person like this in your life, but you might have a best friend from the opposite sex who you like to spend your time with and trust completely. If both of you are single and get on so well, you might end up falling in love with each other, but it can be hard to move your relationship from friendship to becoming lovers. It can be difficult if you find that you are falling in love with your best friend, but these tips will help you to go for it.

Think About It

Why not make a list of the great attributes that your best friend has. You can compare this to a list of what you want to find from a relationship and highlight the attributes that match. There might be more matches than you think.
You might also like to imagine what it could be like if the two of you were closer. Can you imagine kissing your best friend, or even having sex with them? These thoughts will help you to visualise how much you would enjoy it. Having these thoughts is common when you are falling in love with your best friend.
Another great idea is to discuss your hopes and dreams for the future with your best friend. You might both have the same aspirations and realise that you want to live out your lives together as you follow your dreams.

Go for It

You might worry that if you make a move on your friend it can spoil your friendship. If you think about it though, you are already best friends and have solved any disagreements you had in the past. If you try to be a couple and it does not work out then you can go back to being friends again. It might take some time to get over the hurt, but it is possible with time.
The next time that you are together, why not talk about your relationships and see what your friend thinks. It might be that you both like each other and are interested in taking things further but both of you are scared to admit it. Even if they are not interested then you know where you stand and can move on.

Arrange It

One way that you can make a move on your friend is to arrange to do a romantic activity together that you both enjoy. You might decide to go to the beach or for a picnic so you can spend an entire day together. Another possibility is to arrange a night out for a drink and a meal or perhaps to see a film or a concert.
Think carefully about what you are going to do together if you want to make it a date. If you both do the same things that you do normally then it will just be like a regular event and not feel any different. You need to try and make any dates that you go on special.
If you can spend some quality time together like a couple would it might help to persuade you best friend to look at your as more than a friend. A couple of drinks might give you the courage to make a move and try to kiss them at the end of the night, and if you get rejected you can always blame the drink.
Remember though, that you do not fall in love immediately. It can take some time for both of you to move your relationship to the next level, so take things slowly and enjoy being in each other’s company and see what develops between you.
If you think you are falling in love with your best friend, it can be a difficult position to be in. It can be difficult to sit back and do nothing and then watch when they meet someone else, but you could potentially damage your relationship if you make a move and they are not interested in you in that way. However, if it works you will have the basis for a great relationship that could last for the rest of your life.

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