Great Kissing Tips and Techniques to Make you a Better Kisser

Kissing is one of the great fun things that you can really enjoy with your partner. It does not matter how long you have been together, a good kiss can make you both feel closer to each other. But, when you first get together with a new partner, you might worry that you are doing it wrong. These great kissing tips and techniques might help you to be a better kisser.
One of the most important things that you can do to improve your technique is to practice. As you rehearse more with your partner you will both naturally adapt to their style and meet somewhere in the middle.


The earliest known use of kissing as we know it was the ancient Romans, who kissed each other on the mouth and eyelids to say hello and seal deals. That might not be the best move when you are next buying groceries. Since then, kissing has come a long way but the basic techniques remain the same.

How to Kiss

When you kiss someone for the first time, it can be nerve-wracking. Lean in slowly and kiss them softly on the lips. If they want to kiss you then they will return the kiss. As you both hold the kiss, you can open your mouth slightly and gently slip your tongue into their mouth for a French kiss. They should return the favour and you can then both enjoy the kiss for as long as you are both comfortable.

What People Like

A recent online poll indicated that many people think the use of hands is the most important part of kissing. If you can use your hands when you are kissing it will make your partner enjoy it more. Great kissing tips and techniques will include cupping their face in your hands and running your hands through their hair. A great move if you are feeling really lusty is to gently pull on their hair and drag your nails on their scalp.

What to Avoid

The main things that people think ruin kisses are:
  • Too much saliva
  • Too much tongue
  • Travelling hands
  • Chapped lips
You cannot help how much saliva you produce, but there are ways to limit how much you transfer during a kiss. Keeping your mouth closed, or partially open, will help, and also help to control the amount of tongue you use in the kiss.
When you are first dating someone, try to keep your hands away from the genitals, breasts and bottom – at least until you are invited to touch those areas. It might be fun while it lasts, but can make your date feel uncomfortable and less likely to see you again.
If you suffer from chapped lips, you can use lip balm to keep them in top condition.

Not Just the Mouth

Many areas of the body are good for kissing, not just the mouth. Other great places to kiss your partner are their ears, neck and shoulders. It can be nice to gently nibble on their ears or neck, just remember not to leave a love bite or hickey – once you are over 18 it is a bit of a faux pas.

Different People, Different Kisses

Just as no two people are the same, no two people kiss in exactly the same way. If you kiss enough people, you will find some really like your kissing technique, but others will not enjoy it at all. One thing that can be a particular problem is the French kiss – most people really enjoy it, but some people really do not like to have another person’s tongue in their mouth.
This can become a problem if neither of you like to kiss in the same way and do not like the way your partner kisses. If this is the case then you will have to discuss it and try to find an acceptable compromise.
Most people enjoy a good kiss, but if your technique is not up to scratch it can cause problems in your relationship. The best way to learn how to kiss is to practice with your partner, but if you want any extra help these great kissing tips and techniques can help you become a better kisser.

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