How to Call a Girl for a Date : The Ultimate Guide

All of us guys know that feeling when there is a girl they really like, but they do not know how to call a girl for a date. If you are brave enough to just dial her number and ask her out, then why are you wasting time sitting around reading this when you could be arranging your date? – Just go and do it and hope she says "yes!” If, like the rest of us, you need a little more help in this department then read on, and you can pick up some tips that will help you to get that dream date.

Text Message

If possible, try to avoid sending a text message to a girl to ask her on a date. It might be more anonymous and feel easier to do, but it is not as personal as speaking to her. Also, many girls do not like to be asked by text and you are much more likely to be successful if you avoid asking that way.

Be Her Friend

It can be nerve-wracking, but the only way to do it is to pick up the phone and call them. However, you do not need to ask them out on a date on the first call. You could start by calling her up to chat for a while. If she likes you then you will naturally chat more and more and she will look forward to your calls. She might even start to ring you for a chat. By talking for a few times first, you can establish a friendship and it could make it easier for her to accept your invitation.

Ask the Question

The easiest way to ask her out for a date is to suggest that she joins you when you do an activity. Maybe you could propose a day trip or night out, perhaps to the cinema, a concert or some other activity with a bunch of people to make it less awkward. If it is an activity that you both like doing then there is more chance of her agreeing to go with you.
When you do ask her, try to make it casual – just like you would with any of your male friends. Call her like normal and just have a regular phone chat. Then, when you are wrapping it up, just casually drop it into the conversation. If you can, try not to ask her out directly but make it seem like you have fun plans and she can join you to have fun too.
If she is interested, then you can make the arrangements you need, but try not to hang around on the phone with her. The longer you stay on the phone, the more chance there is of it going wrong.
An alternative method would be to avoid the small talk, but ring her directly to tell her that you have plans and invite her to join you for some fun.

The Date

When you arrange something, you will need to organize to meet up. A public place, like a bar or coffee shop, is always good if you are travelling separately as it lets the first one there relax while they are waiting. If you need to travel somewhere for the date then you can offer to pick her up and take her with you. If you do drive, make sure that you do not drink too much – nothing will put her off a second date more than a scary journey home with a reckless drunk driver.
She might prefer to drive herself, in which case you could offer to share the costs, or help by paying her admission or for her drinks. Again, if she is driving and you are drinking, cut back on the booze if you want her to have a good impression of you.
Remember, it can be difficult if you do not know how to call a girl for a date, but the best advice you can have is to be friendly and take your time. If you get to know her as a friend first, then she will be more likely to accept your invitation and there is more chance that she will want to see you again.


It is never easy to call that great new girl you have met and ask them to join you on a date. Follow these tips to make that invitation easier.

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