How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text : Dos and Don’t

When it comes to texting and how to flirt with a girl over text. Many guys, even the most confident are clueless on how to flirt with a girl over text. However, if you master this science, this can be a very powerful weapon you can virtually use at any point in time. Here is a list of things you should and shouldn’t do when flirting with a girl over text :


1- Be light and playful  on the first message

Never engage too hard on the first message. When you send the first message, it should only have the purpose of reengaging the conversation. An example of this is : "3 monkeys escaped the zoo today, one was found in a cafe, the other one on top of an office building and the 3rd one reading this text message” or "Is it too early for casual text?”

2- Be a funny smartass

Girls like fun and funny men, this is a known fact. Don’t take yourself too seriously, when you are learning how to flirt with a girl over text you have to play around with teases, roleplays, for example tell her she is a bad mother, she didn’t bring your kids to school this morning and that you will send the authorities after her if she doesn’t take her mother role more seriously.
You can also play with elements of her real life and give her nicknames. If she is into fitness for example you can call her Hunk or Arnold, if she is into painting call her Pablo and so on. Because girls are usually more socially intelligent than guys, they usually get the jokes right away and are compelled to play along with it, this is a great way to develop inside jokes and conspiracy.

3- Control the tempo

If you are reading this article, you probably know the physiological effects of waiting for a text answer from a girl you like. You do realize that after you press the send button, she is in control of the interaction because she has the option to answer or not. Now what if you could make her feel the same thing. Feel the loss of hanging on her phone and waiting for your answer. The way of doing this is to very often increase your answer time but as a rule of thumb by randomizing it. When a girl sends you a message, do not answer right away, wait at least 75% of the time she took to answer to you before you text her back, sometimes longer, sometimes less. By doing this you will make HER feel the way you feel when you wait for an answer from a girl.
There is an exception to this rule, when the girl answers right away, then it is fine to answer to her right away as well, this will often result in a quick serie of text messages, you can even try to meet up after a few messages ;).


1- Try to rush for the date

Many guys will ONLY use the phone to try and meet up with a girl, this is not the way you do it. See a phone number as a slow burn most of the time. You will need several exchanges before you can meet the girl again. Do not hesitate to randomize your messaging habits with girls, for example, every time you see something that could remind you of her, text her, tell her it made you think about her, this is a real killer on how to flirt with girls over text. Eventually, when you feel a good "vibe” texting her, call her and invite her over to some special event.

2- Be overly emotional

According to dating coach Braddock, you should always be one step behind emotionally with a girl. This is particularly true over phone. It is just too easy for her not to answer a message she could perceive as award that you should NOT take the chance of this to happen. Always keep it light when it comes down to texting, you will go a long way. Keep the emotions for the face to face time where you can recover more easily or give it a scenario that will touch her.

3- Ask too many questions

Because it is too easy to leave a text unanswered, you should not take this chance of your hanging on the phone waiting for her to answer. When you do this, you literary give the girl the power over you. As a rule of thumb you should only send texts that do not make you lose value if they are left unanswered. This way you will always keep the upper hand in the relationship.
There are many other rules on how to flirt with a girl over text, but these are the main ones. We will probably develop some more aspects of these in the future posts so stay tuned!

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