How To Get A Girl To Like You : The Real Life Facts

When it comes to dating, usually, finding interesting girls is usually not the hard part. There are plenty of them, the real question mens want answered is How to get a girl to like you ? Especially the quality girls, the girls that have many opportunities with many men, why would they chose you ?
Here is a checklist of things you might want to look into. What we have done is we went out in the street, stopped 100 girls and asked them this question : As a man, how to get a girl to like you ?
Here are the results :

1- Have an interesting life (Mentioned by 93% of girls)

Most quality girls want the man of their dreams to have a life, to enjoy it and to be busy with it. They want to be able to project themselves in his life and share the exciting parts of it with him. Most girls also hate when a guy is too much after them which is why, for them, dating someone with a busy and exciting life is very important as it reduces the chances of ending up with a stalking boyfriend. However, if your life is too exciting, they might end up being scared to loose you. In this case, you have to reassure them fairly often.

2- Impress Her (Mentioned by 87% of girls)

In order to feel attraction for their partners, girls need to feel some admiration for them. If they admire you they will also talk about you to their friends/family with ease because she knows she will have their approval concerning your relationship. Very often, the small details are the most impressing for a girl, if you are a good guitar player, an amazing cook or you can dance capoeira then use these. Important point : do not brag about these aspects of yourself, let her discover them, it will have much more impact eventually, that’s how you get a girl to like you.

3- Befriend her (mentioned by 85% of girls)

Most guys assume that to be their lovers, you shouldn’t be their friend. This is wrong. Women are complex emotional creatures and if at some times they need you to be their strong dominant male, some other times they need to be able to open up to you and share their feelings, their views on the world or their projects with you. Being able to fulfill these different emotional needs is the real secret of how to get a girl to like you. If you grasp that concept you may make her fall in love with you eventually.

4- Keep Flirting (mentioned by 81% of girls)

The mere fact of stating that you like each other shouldn’t stop you from still flirting with her, keep telling her how sexy she is, state your intents, go sexual and claim what you want. A man that is not ashamed of his needs and desires is a highly attractive male for girls, why ? Simply because if you take the responsibility for what happens you take it off her and she can let herself go more easily.

5- Share other parts of your life with her (Mentioned by 73% of girls)

If you want her to open up, you will have to open up first, that is what NLP specialists call the "go first” principle. If you want to get someone in a state, you have to get into that state yourself first. Therefore, if you want her to trust you and open up to you, you will have to trust her and open up first, it’s the easiest way to do it. Share with her what you like, what you hate, what you find funny, what you find weird. You need to make her understand how the world is through your eyes and if possible make it interesting. The fact is, it doesn’t matter what you like or dislike, the real matter is why you like, dislike or find something funny.

6- Give her compliments (Mentioned by 65% of girls)

This sounds very classic but this works even with the toughest girls, I literally saw girls melt to sniper targeted compliments. Do not go for the generic ones she probably heard before, go for something very personal, very intimate like "You seem like you grew up quicker than you should when you were a kid, I know this is not something enviable but this gives you a very mature tone when we talk together and this is very enjoyable to me :)”. The more detailed and precise you are, the more it will hit.

7- Make her laugh (Mentioned by 64% of girls)

Cyndi Lauper was right, girls just want to have fun. Girls like bold, confident and social savy men. Humor is a great way to display all three, which is why women are attracted to funny men in general. This also builds sexual tension. Do not hesitate to tease her, joke around, play a little bit hard to get. Girls love challenge and men behaving that way are a huge part on how to get a girl to like you.

8- Take care of yourself (Mentioned by 62% of girls)

The same way you like hot girls that dress sexy, girls like men that look after themselves and their body. Keep yourself in shape if possible, always make sure you look decent in a mirror before you see her, Girls need to be able to introduce you to their social circle, their friends, their family. These are her pairs and they will judge her instantly on the way you present. Most of the time it’s not very hard to improve you looks by 80%. Replace the over sized shirts with fit shirts. Exchange your trainers for Leather shoes and wear a suit jacket on top of your favorite t shirt. This will change the overall experience.
You always wanted to get into girl’s heads to know how to get a girl to like you, E-Datefinder did it ! Now you know what you have to work on. One last advice would be to avoid incongruence. Even if this list expresses what girls are looking for in a man, if one of these traits doesn’t fit your personality, you shouldn’t try and force it as it will come off as incongruent to the girl and they will eventually find out. Finding out you lack of sincerity is a huge turn off for girls.
If you know more aspects on how to get a girl to like you, please do not hesitate to drop us a comment !

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