How to Get Over a Breakup

It is never easy when a relationship ends, even if it is an amicable decision. You will go through a period of intense heartache for the loss of the relationship. You might sit there in your depression and wonder how to get over a breakup, and these great tips will help to make it a little easier to face.

Analysis Your Relationship

Spend some time thinking about your last relationship, as well as any others in your past, and try to work out what went wrong. If you can work out what the problems were then you can avoids making any mistakes in the future. Perhaps you rushed into it too quickly or a life-long relationship was not what you both wanted with each other.
Once you realise that the relationship was fun for both of you for some time, but did not make one of you happy enough to make it work, then it is easier to move on with your life. This will also stop you from rethinking the decision or spending time fruitlessly trying to persuade your ex to take you back. The relationship ended for a reason and no matter how much you want to try again, the underlying reason will not go away without both of you understanding why and being willing to change.

Live your Life

Even if you manage to stay friends with your ex, make sure that you spend plenty of time apart after the split. This will allow you both to work through your feelings and when you do spend time together, it is on a purely platonic basis with no ulterior motives. This will also mean keeping away from their friends and family members and avoiding any communication medium, such as Facebook, emails, text messages or phone calls.

Improve Yourself

Many of us let ourselves go when we are in relationships, so when the relationship ends we need to make the effort to improve. This might mean investing in some new clothes, getting a new haircut or joining the gym and losing some weight.
Not only will you physical side need work, but your mental state might also require a boost. Just because that relationship broke up it does not mean that there is nobody out there for you. Stop feeling like you will spend the rest of your life alone and keep an eye out for the next person that is looking for someone just like you.
After a breakup is a great time to complete any activities or challenges you always said you were going to do, but never got around to. This might be to run a marathon, learn to swim, or visit a far-off land. It does not matter what the challenge is, but you will really boost your self-esteem if you manage to complete it.

Deal with it

The breakup might be your fault, or it might entirely be down to the other person. Whatever the reason, it does not help to be in denial of your mistakes or to hate the other person for theirs. After a short period, you need to move towards acceptance of the situation. Holding onto these negative emotions is not good for your psychological well-being and will stop you moving on with your life.

Remember your Friends

Your friends will be there for you, no matter what happens in your life. When you are in pain after a breakup, spending time with them will help you to move on with your life. However, wait a little while before you let them set you up for a date. It will not help you, or your date, if it is too soon.


One great tip how to get over a breakup is to keep a diary. By writing down how you feel you might get some insight that helps you to work through your feelings of loss. As time passes, you can read your diary and see just how far you have come since the breakup.
Another tip that might help you is to write a list of reasons to remind you why the relationship did not work out. This will help you to move on and might stop you from trying to give a failed relationship another go.
Nobody likes to go through the heartbreak you get at the end of a relationship, but these great tips might give you ideas about how to get over a breakup.

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