How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You : 5 Powerful Techniques That Work

You met up with that girl you met online every week for the past 2 month, you are both having fun together and you are really falling for her. However, she doesn’t see it the same way, she likes the causality and doesn’t see the man of her dreams in you. We receive many email every week of men in that situation. Men who want to take the relationship to the next level but don’t know how to make a girl fall in love with you.
Well, gentlemen, this blog post is for you. Today we will cover 5 principles that will literary make girls fall deeply in love with you if you apply them correctly. However, please, do not abuse these, you can truly hurt someone by doing so and this is not our objective here.

1- Show your passionate side

Girls are attracted to men with purpose, having something that drives you in life, that motivated you to wake up every morning is a very sexy asset for a man from a woman’s perspective. Think about it. If you want a woman to fall in love with you, you want to admire you to some extent, to be impressed. Most men assume they need to be rich and successful for that but this is wrong. All you need really is ambition, this is very authentic.
For instance, the best way to show your passion is to share some of it with her. If you are passionate about fitness or horse riding or water polo then bring her to a session, show her what you like and explain to her why, opening up in a very manly way through your passions is something that will certainly grow a connection between you two and is the answer to most of the question : how to make a girl fall in love with you ?

2- See her as she wants to be seen

What I mean by see her as she wants to be seen is that you should find her purpose in life and emphasize it. Find out what her dreams are and show how you will help her reach those dreams, inspire her and push her in that direction showing her this is possible. Don’t bullshit her though. You have to really show some interest about what she’s running after. Open yourself to her world, this means a whole lot when you are making a girl fall in love with you.

3- Talk about the future

Another powerful technique is to project the relationship in time and project how life is going to be 3, 6 month even 1 year down the line and how she will be a predominant part of it. a word of warning though. It is very easy to come off needy when you use this, make sure you are not supplicating but merely imply how for example your passion is going to take off and she will be a part of it and help. You can also have plans together like a trip, a world tour or a specific event. Eventually, imply long term plans such as getting kids together, a house or visiting your aunt living in Australia together.

4- Show that you constantly think about her

This seems very obvious but it’s a core part on how to make a girl fall in live with you. Most guys have attentions for the girls they love only for specific occasions like a birthday or valentine’s day. The real key of this concept is to use very small details of your daily lives and turn them into kind attentions towards her. Calling her in an impromptu moment telling her you heard that song and it reminded you of her, that you had to call her and how it made you feel. Calling her when you’re grocery shopping asking what kind of hair care she uses saying you’ll get some for when she drops by. This has a huge impact on a girl if you don’t overdo it.

5- Create Obstacles

If relationships turn all lovy-dovy then it gets boring rather quickly. You need to spice it up with both drama and obstacles, as in "I would love to be with you but…” If you give an obstacle to overcome to the girl you are with, this will make the reward even sweeter. Various obstacles I can think of right now are "I need to take care of my family” or "I really need to work on my passion, this is very meaningful to me”. If you do this, this will make the girl chase you and eventually want you so much that she will fall for you.
Once again, all the techniques about how to make a girl fall in love with you in this post are both very advanced and very powerful. Don’t use them on a random flirt, this could end up getting both of you heartbroken. However, if you are convinced that she is "The One” by all means go for it and make her happy.

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