Online Dating Photos : How To Choose The Right Picture

There is no profile that attracts women without a good picture. If you want to be contacted or see your messages answered, you have to have a photo on your profile. Statistics show that on average, on a dating website, a profile with a photo gets 8x more visits than a profile without a photo. Photos are clearly not an option but a necessity.

Test, test, test…

Most of the time, your picture is what will make a woman take the time to look closer at your profile or not. The picture is the starting point of meeting someone online, do not underestimate it.
In order to chose the right picture, the picture that will attract women to your profile, act like a professional marketer, do tests!
Tests are the basics of the marketing process. it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, bananas or oranges or something of much greater value (yourself), you have to keep on testing and asses the results to find a winning formula.
Do not hesitate to keep on changing your profile picture without changing the rest of your profile. This will allow you to see what picture generates the most visits and contacts on your profile over a given time period (1 week seems ideal). After testing your 3 or 4 best pictures, you will know which one gives you the best results.
As stated previously, you can do a few tests prior to that on free dating sites in order to find the most efficient picture on the paid websites and maximize your investment.

Grade my face!

If you want to save time on finding the best profile picture possible there is a very easy and simple method you can use : rating sites.
It is pretty simple, you register (it’s usually free) and put a couple of pictures of yourself on line. Your pictures will be seen and graded by other visitors on that website.
You should upload several pictures on several different profiles at the same time, you will quickly find out which picture gets the best grade.
As a suggestion I would advice to use the famous rating website hotornot , this is the biggest rating website in the world and the number of subscriber is constantly growing, this will allow you to quickly get a grade on your pictures.
A friendly warning : People are incredibly crude on these website and will bring you down if you don’t upload the best photos possible of yourself. Chose the picture wrong and you will get grades close to what the temperature in Alaska is in January. A bad grade should not bring you down or make you think about plastic surgery, just work on finding a better picture.

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