Prepare Your First Online Date

After you the long chat and phone session.. It is now time to meet up in real life. But before this, you have to put all the chances on your side and make the date as magical as possible.
You will find 5 advices to optimize your first date with the man or woman of your dreams in this article.
Remember : Do not agree on a date before you had the him/her on the phone. In order to avoid incredibly high flake rates and fake dates, you have to have talked to the girl at least once on the phone. Also because there could be a misunderstanding on the time or place of the date, I would advise that you use the phone to find each other. This will also give you a good feel of how she will be in real life before you actually end up face to face.
Do not start with a Restaurant or Cinema date as a first venue you would rather chose :
  • a nice coffee shop,
  • a tearoom,
  • a lounge or a pub.
You can offer him/her to stay longer and have dinner in a restaurant after a drink but not until she fills some conditions. The following example shows a date where taking him/her to the restaurant seems like it would be a good idea : There is a good feeling between you, he/she smiles, there is a spark in his/her eyes. She seems to feel good with you and doesn’t seem like she is on a hurry to leave. She forgot his/her watch and his/her cell is in her purse or pocket and she never looks at it.
In such conditions, it would be a shame to just go for a drink, you can think about extending the date in a romantic restaurant where the both of you can share some intimacy and work your charms on her.
In order to get her to the restaurant you can drop a casual "are you hungry ?” when you both get out of the bar. Idealy you want to meet her at the bar around 6-7pm so that you both can reach the restaurant by 8-9.30pm.
Finally I would not advice the cinema date for a first time because the first date has to be an exchange. It is impossible to communicate in a cinema in the middle of people with a projected movie.
Choosing the date’s venue : see our advices on where to go on a first date.

Turn your phone off when you are on an online date

Do not be on the phone during the whole date, it is basic politeness principle towards the girl. On the other hand, you would also take the risk to show yourself as a cell phone addict, always in touch with his friends which decreases your availability time for her eventually. This is something you should think about on a first date.

My personal advice to optimize the first moments of the date

Once you have picked a location for a drink, I would advise to meet her about a minute walk from the bar, it is more intimate and she will feel less social pressure if you meet her in a moving social environment (the street) as opposed to a static environment (the bar).
The 4 first seconds are vital : Force on the eye contact, eyes in the eyes, the only thing you should look at is her. Do not look away or you could have lost her already. I’m not joking, if you look uncomfortable from the beginning, the relationship is practically over, you can almost go back home, unless she is desperate.
Anyway, give her your best smile along with a strong eye contact, walk with her to the cafe (while walking you can start looking discreetly what she looks like. Open the bar door (courtesy is always very well seen).
Once she gets in, walk in and step in front by a few steps, chose the table (a male with initiatives is always sexier for any woman). Tell her : "Let’s sit here.” rather than "Where do you want to seat…. We can seat wherever you want…”

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