Latin brides are the only ones who can compare to beautiful Russian women. Why do so many western men go to date and marry in Russia, not in Latin countries? They report it just feels so natural.
Girls from Russia still possess qualities that are nearly lost in other parts of the world. Natural refined femininity and passionate dedication to their partner is among those values. Sounds inspiring!

Russian beauty vs Latin

There are certain ideals of beauty in the world now, and it’s all about proportions. Russian women have absolutely perfect proportions of facial features and body shapes, along with the charm.
Latino men often express the opinion their local girls are charming, in the best case. It rarely happens that even beauty pageants would have very proportional faces, unless some corrections are done.
It also happens that winners of the contests are mixed girls, not talking about a big number of ladyboys. It is obvious that various ethnicities are greatly mixed in all Latin countries.
But it doesn’t present well the purely Latina type of appearance. While Russian pageants and brides give us the best insight of Caucasian and particularly Slavic beauty, without any plastic interventions.

Russian national character

There is a saying, a Russian soul is enigmatic. It is considered hard to understand, with all its deep classical literature and dramatic music. There’s nothing like that in joyful and festive Latin countries.
Latino men’s complaint is mostly about too quick absorbing of shallow western pop values by Latin women. They do not seem to preserve their culture in all its authenticity and uniqueness.
While Russian culture nearly didn’t change, people remain close to their roots, intelligent, healthily conservative and traditional. A Russian girl shall always choose her family duties over the career.
Although so many of them already have a little business in their 20s nowadays, it doesn’t prevent them from spending time with close people. It can be a home manicure or hairdressing business.
There is always some place for mystery in Russian girls’ life. They may pursue some creative hobby like photography, design, writing, drawing, playing several musical instruments, singing.
Since it’s not a devastating ambition that is based on pride and crashes everything on its way, but just a peaceful part of everyday life, it in fact harmonizes their private relationships and cements them.
In simple words, Russian hotties remain wonderful wives, although modern times already taught them how to be casual lovers. They’re positive and reliable in any forms of affairs, western men love that.

Ways to conquer Russia girls vs Latina

Although Moscow is a true cosmopolitan giant and one of the most expensive cities in the world, thousands of girls living there remain modest and down-to-earth. It is proven by so many travelers.
It is greatly explained by the fact that young women are relocating to Moscow for work or studies from villages and smaller towns. They bring their views and values with them.
Another big part of Moscow population are Christian Orthodox families. In these families, beautiful girls are raised as committed helpers and humble personalities. They make best brides too.
All that differs a lot from what we can see in Latin capitals where women aren’t limited at all in their possibilities and desires. They often happen to treat a man as their source of comfort and purchases.
So, ways to pickup and court single women in Moscow and in South America are the opposite. To get a decent Russian girl, one needs to recall how to be an old-fashioned gentleman and use his charm.

Meeting Russia women online

If you dated and hookuped online a lot, you may already know that Latin women can be pretty straightforward in a private communication. If they want you, they take you, and make the first move.
It’s literally impossible to experience the same with Russian beauties. If they behave this way, they’re either cheap gals without manners or wealthy cougars who don’t care what others think.
Normally, a girl in Russia needs a gentle philosophic conversation, long and patient. It’s different at Moscow nightclubs and on hookup apps, of course. But in your daily game, you may need manners.
Remember that smart Russian women analyze your behavior starting from the greeting. If they see you’re unpersonal or rude, they move on. Try to flatter them nicely and be as original as you can.

Pick up in Moscow and EasternEurope

Can you imagine starting to talk to a sexy Latina girl right on the street in US, like in good old times? She’ll likely call the police. But it’s still a normal and acceptable way to pickup a woman in Russia.
Feel free to approach some hottie while she’s jogging in the park, walking with her female friends, having a coffee on the summer terrace. You’ll be welcomed, at least if she’s single at the moment.
However, there is another difference, one shouldn’t meet hot girls at Russian bars like he used to do elsewhere. Women there are either taken already or commercially minded, so it’s very risky.
Instead, visit art cafes in Russia, there are lots of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The public there is much more decent and you have great chances to find a bride or girlfriend within the shortest time.


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