The 5 Types Of Compliments for Girls

We all like to be told a compliment, whether it is about our appearance, our looks or our personality. It boosts our confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves. The big question is what are the best compliments for girls?
It is important to be sincere when you compliment somebody. If you use too many compliments or use them in an artificial way, they will soon realize and the compliments will not mean anything. Be honest with her and speak from your heart.

Indirect Compliments

Start with indirect compliments that are subtle, but well intentioned. If you see your new girlfriend wearing some nice clothes then tell her that you like the color. Alternatively, if she cooks a meal for you, tell her that it looks and smells great and tastes delicious.  Try some of these:
  • I like the color of your skirt
  • How do you make food smell so nice?
  • This food tastes great
Whatever you do, avoid making sexual comments about her body. This can be too crude and is more likely to make the girl feel uncomfortable than make her happy. Some girls may even think it is an insult.

Direct Compliments

When you know your girlfriend better then you can move onto compliments for girls that are more direct. You can tell her that you like the clothes she wears or her jewelry. You can also compliment her on her appearance or her voice. You might even consider making some sensual compliments about her, but still avoiding any overtly sexual references. Maybe you can compliment her haircut or perfume. Use compliments like these:
  • You look nice today
  • I like your top, it really matches your eyes
  • That is a nice bracelet
  • Your perfume smells really nice
This change from indirect to direct compliments will occur naturally, as you move from being friends and the first few dates to becoming a couple.

Compliment her Body

As your relationship develops, you can start giving her direct compliments on her body. If she has a nice bum or legs then tell her how nice they are. You will still be better avoiding crude sexual comments until you have had sex together. Even then, unless you are sure that she will not be offended it is best to avoid using any crude terminology. Telling her she has nice breasts is probably ok, but try to avoid saying she has nice tits.

Great Compliments

Some great compliments for girls include:
  • You are beautiful
  • You look gorgeous tonight
  • You are very pretty
  • You are really great company
They might be cliché, but all girls like to hear these compliments. For a change, you could also use personal indirect compliments, such as:
  • You know you look gorgeous
  • Do you know how beautiful you are?
  • Do you know how much I care for you?
  • You are fun to spend time with

Sexy Compliments

Your girlfriend will really like it if you compliment her during or after sex. She will really like the following during sex:
  • I love the feel of your skin
  • I love the taste of you
  • Wow, that feels so nice
  • I love it when you do that
It can really get her in the mood if you use some good compliments for girls before sex. You might like to try these when you are out together:
  • I cannot wait to get you home tonight
  • I really want to see you naked later
  • I wish I could have you now
  • I want your body
Whisper these sweet nothings into her ear while you are out it and see the effect it has on her when you get back home. That is, if she can wait that long!
Do not forget the ultimate compliment, but try not to use this until you both are ready:
  • I love you
Girls really like to receive compliments. It is a great way to make the girl like you and boost her confidence. Never underestimate how much fun it can be to go out with a self-confident girl. If you make her happy with these great compliments for girls then she will return the favor, and make you happy in turn.

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