The 8 Best Sex Positions

Everybody enjoys sex, and likes to have a great sex life. One way that you can do this is to experiment until you find the best sex positions. Your favorite positions might change as become more sexually experienced and have new partners and try new things.
The following are recommended sex positions for you to try with your lover. You might already have a favorite, but remember that variety is always good. If you do the same thing every time you have sex then soon you might both become bored of it. It is always best to change around and try new things just to keep some variety in the bedroom, or whatever room you want to use for sex.

Doggy Style

This perennial favorite position has the woman knelt on all fours, and the man enters her from behind. This position gives you deep penetration, but you cannot look at each other or kiss so it is not the most intimate position. The man has to do the majority of the work, but it is a great position for fast and thrilling sex.


Another popular position, where the man lies on the bed and the woman climbs on top of him. This position puts the woman in control of the pace and the man gets a great view and can reach to touch the breasts or clitoris to make it better for the woman. The deep penetration is also great, but it can be uncomfortable if the man is too large. The girl can also lean forward to kiss the man.
Reverse cowgirl is a variation on this position, only the girl faces away from the man. This position gives the woman the same control of pace, but this time the man can only reach to touch her bum.


A great position for sex on a chair is for the man to sit down on the edge of a bed or chair like normal and the woman to climb on top facing him. This gives deep penetration and allows both partners to kiss, and touch, each other during sex. You just have to be careful not to fall over in the middle of the fun.


This is one of the best sex positions for slow intimate sex on a Sunday morning. The girl lays in bed on her side and the man cuddles up behind, entering slowly to make the cuddle much more interesting. The man is close enough to reach around and touch most of the woman, but kissing is not possible.

The Cat

This is a variation on the missionary position, but once he enters the woman, the man moves up as far as he can comfortably. Once in position, he should slowly grind himself in small circles that stimulate the clitoris. This position can give the woman an orgasm, but it can be difficult for the man to keep up with the slow movements.

Face to Face

This position has both partners sitting opposite each other and then the woman slides onto his lap and sits on him. He can then bring his feet together to form a seat while you rock on him. This position can produce a simultaneous orgasm, but can be too tame and slow for some people.

Legs on Shoulders

The woman lies on her back and the man kneels between her legs while the woman brings her legs up onto his shoulders. The man is able to touch the woman anywhere he wishes, and can control the speed, but it can be uncomfortable to keep the legs in that position.

Squeeze Him Tight

This position is possible on a bed, but is more comfortable on a higher surface, like a worktop, table or desk. The woman sits on the surface, and the man enters her while she wraps her legs around him and squeezes. She can also wrap her arms around him to keep upright. This is a great position for spontaneous sex, and does not require much room, but you need to be fit to keep this up for more than a few minutes.
These great positions should give you some ideas to try out the next time you are in the mood. Maybe one, or more, of these will soon be one of your best sex positions.

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