Free hookup dating: best destinations for having a one night stand

If you’re a frequent traveller, perhaps you’re curious what countries are the best for free hookup dating. Well, you’ll glad to know that there are lots of destinations, both popular and off-beat, where you can indulge in short flings without strings attached. Although located in different parts of the world, all these places have something in common – they have women who love to hookup with foreign guys.
And your options are not limited to only casual sexual encounters – girls in these countries are willing to explore the possibilities in a long term romantic relationship and even marriage with a foreigner. Whether you’re romantically inclined or simply want to have some fun, the key is to choose destinations wisely.
So what are some of the best countries for free hookup dating? Where can you find an attractive woman who will hold your interest? Where can you have some good fun? Let’s discuss these questions in more detail.

The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most affordable countries to stay long term. Generally speaking, a foreign person might need only four to five hundred dollars a months to have a decent lifestyle. That’s why it’s possible to stay in the country for extended periods of time and try out different techniques approaching local girls.

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Filipina women are exceedingly attractive and alluring. Pubs, night clubs and disco bars are by far the best places for hooking up with Filipina girls. When they get a bit drunk, it’s very easy to get laid. Keep in mind though that the majority of women in the Philippines are family oriented and traditional, and they are hardly interested in a one night stand.
One of the advantages of hookin up in the Philippines is that local girls speak excellent English, and you won’t experience any language barrier related difficulties. At the same time, it may take lots of effort to get a Filipina girl to speak in the first place. It’s not uncommon for a woman to be extremely why in this country. If you’re visiting major cities in the Philippines, make sure to use a hookup app in order to contact girls. Tinder is very popular here, and you’ll find lots of intriguing and interesting profiles to check out. Online dating allows Asian girls to open up and interact with a foreigner more freely than they would do in a public place with lots of witnesses around.


Women in Sweden are known for having excellent genes. They are tall, strong and very attractive. If the Nordic type of beauty is your thing, you’ll hardly find a better place for free hookup dating than Sweden. Local girls are open-minded and fun-loving here, and you have all the chances to get laid with a blue-eyed blond beauty of your dreams.
Swedish women are rather approachable, and if you’re a reasonably good looking guy with a sense of humour and a bit of charm, there is no reason why you wouldn’t succeed with a Swedish girl. One thing to remember about women in Sweden is that they are financially independent and very secure, and money factor doesn’t matter to them when hooking up with a guy. They indulge in physical intimacy with a new partner for the sake of pure enjoyment.
Perhaps you will be surprised to know that it’s not uncommon in Sweden to make the first move when it comes to sexual encounters. They often get laid the same day they met a guy. They love to party and have fun, so make sure to check out some of the local pubs, bars and night clubs. Swedish girls are rather controlled and not very emotional, so you won’t experience any unpleasant scenes even if they are not very sober.


Thai girls are legendary for their willingness to hook up with foreigners. The majority of them are slim, short, fair skinned and good-looking. They are mostly feminine, soft-spoken and kind. You can hardly expect an expression of anger or aggression from a Thai girl. They let a man take a leading role in both a relationship and in bed.
Foreign men are extremely popular in Thailand among local women, and it won’t be hard to approach them. Just make sure you look decent and presentable – girl in Thailand pay a lot attention to a person’s appearance. Forget your tropical shirt, shorts and flip-flop – when hooking up with Thai women, wear something neat and elegant.
Generally speaking, Thai women are some of the most attractive and sexiest in Asia. Although some girls are still traditional in this day and age, the majority of young Thai women in larger cities and tourist areas have a very laid-back attitude towards physical intimacy. They like foreign guys and willingly give them a lot of attention.
Having a relationship or even a one night stand with a foreigner is like a status symbol for a Thai girl. Contemporary women in Thailand like to have parties and a good time, so you’ll find them clubbing almost every day. Beware of ladyboys though – beautiful and sexy women in Thailand can turn out to be men, and this is not something you’d like to discover in the middle of a great hookup.

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It’s no secret that there are more women than men in Russia, for various reasons. This means, Russian girls are happy to have something to do with a foreigner, whether it’s just a short fling, or a long term commitment or even marriage. There are plenty of Russian dating sites where a foreign man can get himself the most attractive mail order bride.
If you’re not interested in serious relationship, Russia has a lot to offer in terms of free hookup dating, too. If you take a girl to a nice restaurant for dinner and have a great time in a night-club, most probably you’ll get laid with her without any issues. If you’re not exceedingly rich, it’s recommended to avoid expensive places in major Russian cities – they are rather costly even for an average American or European purse.
Hooking up with Russian girls is a lot of fun. Apart from being beautiful, seductive and well dressed, they are also exceedingly charming. No wonder men from Western Europe, USA, Australia and Canada flock to Russia in searches of a life partner, ad this is something to keep in mind. Even if you’re not interested in a long term romantic relationship, you may change your mind after visiting Russia.


Colombia is a great country for hookups, too. Colombian women are known for beauty and passionate nature, and even if one has to take some effort in order to have a one night stand, it’s still worth it. To maximize your chances of free hookup dating, head straight to nightclubs and bars. You can also try approaching girls in public places, but the majority of women in Colombia prefer to date a man for a long term relationship. If you are in Colombia for a short visit, this tactic might by a waste of time.
It’s also advisable to use a hookup app before your visit and while staying in the country. This way you’ll get to know Colombian women and perhaps even to charm some of them. They’ll wait to meet you in person and have a good time with you. It’s good to remember through that many Colombian girls are rather flaky, and it’s always preferable to have a plan B for the evening.
Also, you should be careful when hooking up with girls in one area. A typical Colombian women is very passionate by nature and exceedingly jealous, and if she sees you with another female, her reaction might be rather unpredictable.
That said, it’s this passion and excitement that make a typical Colombian woman so desirable for a European or American man. Colombian girls are great in bed, and you’ll have all the chances to indulge in the wildest and most passionate sex. And if you’d like to date a girl for a bit longer, there is no reason why you wouldn’t do so – prices are rather affordable in Colombia, and you can afford extending your visit.


Ukrainian girls are very similar to Russian women, and it comes as no surprise. After all, the two nations share a similar genetic pool and common history. That said, Ukraine has a definite advantage as a hookup destination: it’s more European and west oriented, and so girls are more open-minded and free spirited. They are still rather conservative and family oriented, and this is exactly why a typical Ukrainian girl is considered a good wife material, but it’s also possible to have some great one night stands and short flings in Ukraine.
To charm a Ukrainian woman, you’ll need to behave like a gentleman. Give her flowers and court her with an old-fashioned chivalry, and she’ll be willing to reward you. When it comes to appearance, it’s hard to match the Ukrainian type of beauty. Not only these girls are gifted with proportional slim bodies, regular facial features and good height, but they also take a very good care of their external looks.
They prioritize appearance a lot, and this kind of attitude results in the most impressive combination of natural beauty and charm. Ukrainian women are always well dressed, even if their income leaves much to be desired, and their stylish outfits also add a great deal to the impression they are trying to create. If you’re interested in free hookup dating with a Ukrainian woman, giving her a good time is a must. Keep in mind that women in Ukraine don’t split the bill, so it’s you who is supposed to pay for dinners, movie tickets, night club passes and so on

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The United States of America

If you’re wondering what’s so great about American girls, it’s the fact that they are so casual about sex. One night stands are pretty common here, as well as having physical intimacy on the first date. In face, if you’re interested in a free hookup dating, the United States of America is one of the best countries to visit.
Girls are financially secure and independent here, so you won’t have to spend much in order to impress them. What is really important is to be reasonably good looking, cool and great in bed. American girls love clubbing and partying with lots of drinking, so you have all the chances of enjoying a great many of easy hookups.
In terms of beauty, Californian girls are some of the most attractive in the whole country, but there are plenty of reasonably good-looking women in every American city.


Brazilian beaches attract a lot of tourist each year, but it’s not only beach lovers who flock to the country at each opportunity. Hot Brazilian beauties are a major attraction too, especially to someone who is interested in free hookup dating. Their sexy, curvy bodies can’t leave a hot blooded man indifferent.
You’ll find a lot of model-looking Brazilian girls in pubs, night-club, beach resorts, and even on city streets. Their attitude towards sex is rather relaxed, too. They are perfectly willing to have a good time, whether it’s only for one night or long term. Brazilian girls are rather sensual, and you can expect a lot of kissing and petting in public.
We’ve listed only a few countries that are good for free hookup dating, but there are many more. Keep exploring!


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