What to Wear on a First Date : Quick Tips

When you get that dream date someone that you find attractive, you will feel more confident if you look and feel good. It can be difficult to know what to wear, but a lot will depend on what you are doing and where you are going to go. For some venues that have a dress code, that will help to determine what to wear on a first date.
One good way to determine how you look is to ask a friend for some impartial advice. They can tell you how you look and if your outfit is suitable for your date. If you have several outfits that you can wear, then they can tell you which of them looks best. When you are arranging your date, you could discuss what to wear with the other person so that there are no surprises, but do not worry too much if you forget and do not know what to wear on a first date.


Many smart restaurants and other venues require customers to wear smart formal attire. For men this will mean a suit with a jacket and shirt with a tie and a nice dress for women. This type of restaurant is probably too formal a location for a great first date, but lots of people go to more casual restaurants.
In these, you are probably best to wear smart casual clothing. For men this might be jeans and a shirt and, for women there is so much more choice. You could choose to wear jeans and a blouse, a skirt and top or even a dress.

Concerts, Plays and the Movies

If you have arranged to go to a cultural event, like a music concert or a play, for your first date then usually you can expect to wear casual clothing. Jeans and a t-shirt are a good bet, with a coat if it is cold outside. Remember that some concerts can get hot and sweaty, so try not to wear anything too warm.
Another popular location for a first date is a move theatre. Again, casual clothing is ideal for your first date when you are going to see a film. If you are also going for a meal or drinks afterwards, then you might want to dress a little smarter.

Other Activities

Sometimes you might arrange something more adventurous for a first date. This could be a day trip out somewhere. You need to think about where you are going and what you are doing before you decide what to wear on a first date. Try to dress casually for the journey, especially if it is a long way, and you might even have to take a change of clothing for the activity if you need it. This is particularly true if it is something where you will get dirty or wet.

What Not to Wear

Often what you wear when you go a first date should be more about what you should not be wearing for it. If you are a man, you should avoid wearing white socks anyway, but especially when you are trying to make a good impression. Other fashion mistakes for a first date include leaving too many buttons undone on a shirt or wearing old work jeans and shirts that have not seen an iron. Remember you need to make a good impression on your date to have a chance of a second date.
Girls should try to avoid showing too much flesh on a first date, unless you are planning to take things further later. Men enjoy the chase, so a hint of cleavage and leg is more than enough to make them want to see you again. If you go out with a low-cut top and short skirt then you might give the wrong impression and put him off.
Choosing what to wear on a first date can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Your choice of clothes will largely depend on what you are going to do on the date itself and what you feel comfortable wearing. If you can look nice and feel comfortable then you will be more confident and enjoy the date more. Moreover, if you both enjoy it then you are more likely to have another date.

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