What Women Want In A Man? 4 Attitudes You Should Learn To Cultivate

What do women want (in men) ? Einstein himself died unable to find the answer to this question. On the other hand, Einstein was more known for his scientific abilities rather than his sex appeal and I believe if someone is able to answer that question its probably not him. The fact is, when I was younger, I was asking most of my girlfriends and they all came up with evasive, generic answers which confused me a lot at the time but now, with time and experience, I think I know why girls come up with these generic answer. A fraction of the answer being what society wants them to want in a man. The same way we are attracted to tall slim blonde girls with big boobs (well at least I am :/) because society dictates that this should be the standard of beauty men should crave for in a woman, women have their own standards, some are indeed generic like funny, socially savy etc.
Although a big part of the reason why women are giving these generic answers is simply because they have no idea what they are looking for in a man. Let’s face it, women are much more emotional than men and "feel” things more than they take rational decisions when it comes to personal relationships. This works the same way when they meet men, they need to "feel” it right and they have a very hard time explaining how they get to feel good with a man because this is beyond rationality.
However, attracting women and giving them what they want is not magic, it is simply a matter of taking her down the path of "feeling” you’re right for her, and thanks to dating science, this can be broken down in rational terms that the most pragmatic guys can understand and apply in order to come off as more attractive. I have compiled a non exhaustive list of things you will probably have to go through in order to give a woman what she wants.

1- confidence

This is indeed part of the generic list girls will give you when you ask them "what do women want in a man ?” Now this is a very evasive notion, let’s break it down a bit and find ways to come off as a confident man. The main thing you need to remember for this is : don’t be apologetic, assume what you like or what you want to do. If you feel like you want to kiss her right now and the moment seems right, do it ! Girls do feel what you want to do and most of the time will just sit back and wait for you to make a move because they want to test how ballsy/impulsive/confident you are, do not disappoint them, go for what you want and assume it.

2- Humor

Another generic answer girls will give you most of the time. But seriously, why do they want someone funny ? Well first of all, this is not Hollywood, girls do not want dead serious romantic lovers (most of the time) they want to enjoy themselves, go out, have fun, if you can be that fun sexy guy to them, there is a lot of chances that they will fall for you.
The second theory says that funny men are socially intelligent people, they understand social dynamics and because making someone laugh can be quite challenging sometimes it means that you will be able to pass by in most social situations including the most awkward ones. If you are funny you have less chances to embarrass her in front of her friends, family or just when you guys are together.

3- Ambition

The fact is, most guys misread that one, they assume girls want money. Don’t get me wrong, this can be true, there are gold diggers out there but I guess this is not the kind of women you want to go on a date with. However, most women are looking for ambitious men, men that have a clue about what they want to do about their future and a master plan to succeed. If you are able to show drive, eagerness to success then this will raise attraction the same way wealth would do it.

4- A Bad Boy Side

It is well known, women love bad boys. This can be quite frustrating for nice guys but the fact is, women do NOT love jerks even if it seems like they do. What they love and mesmerizes them in bad boys is their unpredictability. The fact that they can’t tell what they can’t tell what he’s going to do during the next 5 minutes. This spices up their life so much. If you are a nice predictable guy, most girls will get bored and eventually leave you or cheat on you to spice up their personal lives. If you are able to provide this dose of unpredictability, you will end up having them chase you and not the opposite ;).

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