Where to go for the Best First Dates

The location for your first date can help to determine whether it is a success or failure. Many men just go for the old favourites like a meal out and a drink, but that will not make you appear any different to any other man that has taken your date out. Why not look at some other ideas that can make for the best first dates.
For all first dates, it is important to be able to talk to each other, but many people find it hard to talk incessantly for long periods of time. If you can arrange a date with an activity, it will form both a distraction and an ice-breaker and can help both of you find something to talk about. Before you ask a date to join you on one of these activities, make sure that they will enjoy it first. Otherwise your date might be a disaster rather than one of your best first dates.


Many people like to participate in sports, and you can have some great first dates on a sporting theme. If you both follow a sports team, then you could go and see a game together and enjoy a meal or a drink afterwards.
Alternatively, you could find a sport that you both like to participate in and spend some time doing that activity on your date. Some great participatory sports that you can both enjoy on a date include:
  • Bowling
  • Ice Skating
  • Dancing
  • Mini golf
Most towns are near somewhere where you can take part in these sports, and there might even be some others in your town that are equally great for a date.

Get out in the Country

If you both like the outdoors, then why not arrange your first date for an afternoon and go out into the countryside. If the weather is great you could go for a hike and enjoy a picnic at a local beauty spot. You could also plan your hike so that there is somewhere to eat lunch and get a drink half way around.
Other possible activities that you might consider for a first date in the countryside include:
  • Horse riding
  • Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
If the weather is not so good on the day, you can still enjoy a drive into the countryside and eat lunch together, but it bad weather could spoil this type of date.

Animal Action

Most people like animals, so you might consider taking your date to a zoo or aquarium. This can make a great afternoon out, or even a full day. You can even buy your date a cute stuffed animal to remind them of you.
Other possible date ideas are:
  • Birds of prey display
  • Safari park
  • Organized wildlife watching trip
  • Bird spotting
Combine your choice of activity with a meal or a picnic to make it one of your best first dates.

Enjoy the Arts

If both of you enjoy the arts, then why not arrange to spend your date doing what you like. You could take your date to see a play or musical at the theatre. Both of you can enjoy dressing up smartly and the intermission gives you time to talk.
Another popular alternative is a music or comedy concert. Both of these are great if you both have similar tastes in music or humour, but can be difficult if the show is not too your tastes. If you do this, try to avoid a concert that will be too loud as this will stop you talking.
For a more sedate date, but still enjoying the arts, you could consider:
  • Art gallery
  • Museum
  • Art class
  • Photography session
Any of these can be a great date if both of you enjoy the arts.

New Tastes

If you are arranging to take your date for a meal and a drink, then why not experience something new. You could visit a new restaurant that has just opened, or perhaps expand your horizons and try some new cuisine. This will give you plenty of opportunity to talk and something to laugh about when you go on your next date.
You might also want to consider:
  • Wine tasting
  • Cookery course
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Cheese tasting
The best first dates are those where you do something together that is a little different while still having the time to converse. Why not try one of these great suggestions the next time you ask someone out and see how well it works for you.

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