Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend? Here Is The Answer

When you have been single for a long time, you start to think that you will be single forever and never find a girlfriend. You might blame anything about your person that you do not like. You might think it is because of your:
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Dress sense
  • Bad haircut
  • Body odour or bad breath
You could even become obsessed with your perceived imperfections, which will make it even harder for you to get a new girlfriend. In reality, if you honestly answer the question "Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” you will come to realise that it is really down to your personality and perseverance.


The way you interact with other people is important. You must be able to take part in great conversations with your friends, and listen to them when they speak. Avoid interrupting the flow and changing the subject if you are not interested in it. It is even better if you are funny and can make people laugh with you. As much as it is great if you are handsome with flawless skin and a six-pack, most women also like to be able to hold a conversation with their boyfriend.
People like to spend time with others that have a positive personality and active listening skills. This means that you can listen to the conversation and ask intelligent questions. If you can communicate well then you have a good chance of finding a great girlfriend.


When you face with a problem do you get angry, or depressed, and give up or do you search for alternatives. The search for a new girlfriend is just like one of these problems. If you ask someone out and she turns you down, it is better to brush yourself down and look for the next potential date than hide away.
You might be full of self-doubt and lack self-confidence, but that is not an excuse to wallow in depression. If you give out negative emotion and smell desperate to women then they are more likely to reject your advances.

Get a Girlfriend

Another method you can use to get a great new girlfriend is to be more popular with women. If you have a reputation for dating women then it is easier to get a date than if you are known as a single guy. Women like to know that other women are also attracted to their new man.
You might sit there thinking that your problem is that you cannot get a girlfriend, and this will not work at all. However, if you go on a date with someone it does not have to mean happy ever after. If any of your friends know of any single girls then ask them to arrange a blind date. The worst case is that you get a date with a girl, more dating practice and a better night than sitting alone in front of the TV.
If you do go on dates with girls, even if you have no long-term interest in them, it will help you on many levels. No longer will you spend all your nights alone thinking to yourself "Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” The dating experience will help you relax and feel more confident with women and you will get to meet her friends. If your date is not the right girl for you then one of her friends might be.
If you are dating girls casually, it is only fair to them if you are honest about your intentions. Tell her that you like her company and that you are just looking for some fun. As long as you are honest with her up front then she can have no complaints if it does not last too long. Moreover, you do not know when love will strike – you might start casually dating but end up in love with one of these girls.
It can be hard to find a new girlfriend, especially when you have been single for a while, but it is possible. All you need to do is practice your conversation skills so that you seem more interesting to women, persevere when you get a rejection and try to go on dates with women, even if just casually. Follow these tips and soon you will find a great girlfriend.

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